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Having had a love for photography ever since he was a child, Mr. Jones purchased his first camera when he was just 20 years old. With an ever growing love for photography he continued to learn his craft by taking classes at local colleges and photography schools. He also continued to learn from books, magazines and other printed material, but most importantly by taking lots and lots of pictures.

Having raised 4 children Mr. Jones has come to appreciate the value in quality photographs that can be treasured and passed on for generation. He also has an extensive collection of vintage family photographs that go back over 100 years. He understands the importance of these family treasures, what they meant to the family at the time, and the value they hold today. It is his desire to create these types of treasures for you and your family.

Images By E. Jones is a member of The Snohomish Wedding Guild, a staunch supporter and frequent volunteer for Making Memories - Brides Against Breast Cancer, and a participating photographer in Think Pink Photography.


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